USB Fingerprint OFIS-Z (SDK) Scanner

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Fingerprint Identification System or OFIS is FingerTec biometric solution for online verification and enrollment. FingerTec OFIS runs on Browser/Server (B/S) Environment, where users can enroll their fingerprints via OFIS-Z scanner linked to a PC. This scanner can be used as a verification station for a variety of applications such as an enrollment station to a secure PC or an online login system. With its 64-bit Windows support and an SDK, you can easily integrate biometrics element seamlessly into any solutions and enhance its security as well as solve the loose remote and online verification problem instantaneously.

Furthermore, the latest OFIS-Z comes with live fingerprint feature to provide better scanning quality and reject any attempts on a fake fingerprint. You can now be sure and confident with your authentication via the powerful OFIS-Z.